Ted Brockwood - PR and Social Freelancer

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Sorry about the lack of a pretty web site, it's currently being worked on. There's a million reasons why it's not up yet, but let's just get down to business...

What do I do?

I specialize in Media Outreach (aka "PR"), community engagement and social media in the games industry.

For who?

The games industry is my key focus, but I also handle entertainment products, (a recent example, the Scalers toys from NECA.

I've also helped promote wearables (Microsoft's SPOT watch for ex.) and PC hardware (NVIDIA graphics processors and media player initiatives).

I've helped on projects with Microsoft Game Studios, Disney (formerly Buena Vista Games), EA Sports and many others. Large or small, I'm happy to work with anyone who has an awesome product they want to tell the world about.

How can I help you?

Have a product you're looking to get the word out about? Have you announced a product, but nobody in the media seems to care?

That's what I'm here to help you with - I work with "traditional" media (print & online press), to spread the word, and, I work with you to target non-traditional outlets to reach out to and get talking about your product.

Maybe it's social media communities, or perhaps its online forums, or both...I work with you to figure out who's interested in your product, and get them info so they'll spread the word for you.

Want to chat more?

I'm always happy to discuss products, offer advice and see how we can work together. Feel free to contact me at ted (at) calico-media.com

Twitter? Sure... just follow @robotdeathbear